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Who Am I ?

Photograph of Déborah Maradan, the artist behind Threeleaves Illustration & Communication.
Hi, my name is Déborah and I'm an interactive media designer.
As a versatile and passionate designer, I take pride in crafting vibrant and imaginative worlds that come to life on various digital platforms.

Over the years, I have honed my skills blending art with technology. Through intuitive user interfaces or colorful illustrations, I strive to understand the unique vision and goals of every project, ensuring that the end result not only meets but surpasses expectations.

My portfolio is a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and technological innovation. Step into my world, and together, we can create awe-inspiring visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.
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My expertise

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I work with a wide range of illustration works, for children’s books, scientific publications, or something else entirely.
I work in both digital and traditional media.

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Digital Learning

I create inovative digital learning experiences that are designed to inspire and engage learners of all ages and backgrounds, and to create unique user experience.

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Motion Design

I mix my experience in illustration and animation to create compelling visuals that come to life on the screen. 

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Graphic Design

I strive to create visuals that will help you stand out and make a lasting impression. My services include branding, graphic design, posters, and other creative visuals. 

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My skills in 3D modeling, animating and 3D printing allow me to offer a wide range of solutions for packaging, marketing and more.

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As a frontend developer I build user-friendly interfaces for the best user experience, which then come to life using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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I provide services that cover every aspect of your video project. This includes video editing, post-production, sound-design and storyboarding. 

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Character Design

I create character designs for a variety of projects, such as children’s book, sci-fi or fantasy project. I can create the perfect designs that capture your vision.

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Customer reviews

Plant illustration decoring the title.
Plant illustration decoring the title.
Five yellow stars.

Gaëlle Ba

Déborah a été très à l'écoute de nos commentaires et a parfaitement répondu à nos attentes pour notre projet. Nous sommes ravis de l'illustration qu'elle a réalisé!
Five yellow stars.

Caroline Papaux

J’ai passé une commande d’une illustration personnalisée. Elle a compris ma demande, très bien réalisée pour un prix raisonnable et dans les délais !
Merci encore !!😍
Five yellow stars.

Orbital Coffee

We recently worked with Threeleaves on a graphic design project for our brand identity. She was a pleasure to work with, consistently delivering high quality designs that exceeded our expectations.

They trust me !


I had the privilege of collaborating with Ora Studio, an exceptional hub for aerial sports. My role involved creating diverse illustrations that vividly captured the essence of various aerial sports. 

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Honors & Awards

Vector medal illustration.


Bédémania Illustration Contest

First prize in the comic book competition organized by Bédémania on the theme "medieval fantasy", hosted by John Howe.

Vector medal illustration.


Bolzes Carnival poster competition

Second prize in the Bolzes Carnival poster competition in Fribourg.

Vector medal illustration.


FYAA Art Contest Fribourg

First prize in the competition organized by FYAA on the theme of movement.


Get in touch

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Want to work with me ?

Download my creative process below !

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